What Is Accounting?

Content The Many Layers Of Accounting How Financial Accounting Differs From Managerial Accounting A Simple Definition Of “accounting” Accountingtools Bookkeeping Vs Accounting GAAP is set by various standard-setting organizations such as the Financial Accounting Standards Board in the United States and the Financial Reporting Council in the United Kingdom. As of 2012, “all major economies” […]

What Is A General Ledger And Why Is It Important?

Content Income Statement Accounting Cycle Process General Ledger Accountant Education And Training Bookkeeping What Does General Ledger Mean? These entries made relate to payroll, operational information, accruals or deferrals in a variety of other information depending on the company’s financial information. Adjustments entries may need to be made for correcting errors or make adjustments to […]

Financial Liability

Content Liability: Liability Definition Types Of Liabilities: Current Liabilities The Difference Between Liabilities And Expenses Definition Of ’liability’ AP can include services,raw materials, office supplies, or any other categories of products and services where no promissory note is issued. Since most companies do not pay for goods and services as they are acquired, AP is equivalent […]

A Beginner’s Tutorial To Bookkeeping

Content Bookkeeping Basics For Entrepreneurs The 8 Best Bookkeeping Apps For Small Business Owners Keep Business Running With A Small Business Accounting Website Bookkeeping Tips For Small Businesses Set Up A Business Bank Account Bookkeeping Basics For Entrepreneurs Our bookkeeping services integrate with the major small business bookkeeping software. If your small business uses a […]

Bookkeeping Services

Content Accounting And Bookkeeping Services For Small Businesses Small Business Bookkeeping Services Quickbooks Live Features Best Reporting: Ignite Spot Accounting Why You Need To Start Planning For Christmas Now (seriously) Wave Advisors offers personalized support through its in-house team of bookkeeping professionals. With Wave’s bookkeeping services, your books will be handled each month by trained […]